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“We Believe in Making Ideas Happen”

At Nauticstech, it is our belief that each idea is unique and we constantly strive to make it happen with our creative and innovative solutions. By keeping abreast with latest technology we bring these ideas alive. From Websites to Gaming to Mobile App development we make your dream into reality.

Your Time is precious so we take every effort to save it!


We understand that it is not only important to make ideas happen but it should happen on time. We channelize the process to ensure on time delivery.


Creativity is a wild mind but we frame it in professional environment to ensure on time execution at every step of the journey.


Our team believes in HOT communication which is “Honest, Open and Two-way” *. We make sure our team communicates effectively so we all are in the same page at the same time.

* By Dan Oswald


We are a friendly, easily approachable and accessible team who readily offer support for quick problem solving.


We began our journey as a team by coming together, we progressed by keeping together and we aspire to achieve success by working together.



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We love to think up new things, we strive to learn new things and we love to do new things in the skeleton of on-time execution. With the foundation of these values we build upon the solution that embarks the journey of a great digital and marketing experience for you. Be it designing, development or maintenance we provide reliable and up-to-date structure and support.



Each brand is different and we make every effort to innovate a unique branding experience for each one of them. However, in all of them we ensure to achieve two objectives:

  • To make a brand imprint in the eyes, heart and mind of the customer.
  • To bridge the gap between what the brand actually is, what you want the brand to be and what the people perceive the brand to be.
  • Digital


    Being digital is no longer an option but is default. It is vital to channelize technology and customize user friendly digital solutions to nail down the customer experience. We aim to achieve success from intangible digital experience to tangible value created in business operations and business model transformations. We strategize, build and leverage evolving technologies to develop digital solutions with comprehensive benefits.

    channel management

    Channel Management

    We believe in going beyond being at the right place at the right time but also to the right audience through right medium. Constantly analysing consumer behaviour and the perception of brands with its competitors provides us the insights to design and execute solutions to achieve the goal.

    game development

    Game Development

    Constantly engaging the customer is a challenge across industries. We bring in customer engagement by enhancing customer experience through development of different games and gamification. Amplifying the effect from simple engaging games to 3D experience, from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality, we go all out to make it an immersive experience for the audience.



    With our core value of time management, our fully supportive and communicative team provides proactive and reactive technical support. From networking to security to software support, we relentlessly make effort to provide a seamless working environment.



    The only thing constant in this world is change and adaptation to the change is important for success. We keep ourselves up-to-date with constantly evolving technological landscape to adapt the marketing campaigns in more customer friendly way. From product information leaflet to product education app, we adapt according to the need of the hour.


    We start the journey of providing solutions with understanding on what we want to achieve and reach the destination
    when we achieve it.


    We examine and understand the business need and explore various options for achieving the goal.


    All teams work collectively to customize the idea to accomplish the goal.


    The success of making a dream happen works well with good execution which we intent to achieve at every step.


    Your yes and we are ready for the final step before we handover to you.


    We meticulously inspect every aspect so that you have hassle free digital and marketing experience


    We make you dream a reality and are constantly there to support you in accomplishing further.

    We serve

    whome we love to work with

    From Large Enterprise to Start-ups we love to work with different clients. Over the years we have gained expertise in working for few industries and further look forward to seek more knowledge in these industries.



    The world is shrinking with the convergence of digital and physical world. Digital footprints are found at every step of the purchase chain from product discovery to trial to pricing to actual presence. In this constantly growing Omni-commerce industry we like to walk side by side at every step leaving our own footprint in crafting innovative and creative user friendly experience.



    Technology is a tool that enables learning outcomes. The ocean of knowledge we need to package into a drop for empowering learning in a better way. We like to constantly engage in developing ways that empower the audience in compelling learning that kindles the fire within rather than just filling the vessel. We look forward to make this change in learning experience form website to app.



    We at nauticstech believe that ‘We tend to become like those whom we admire’^. Just like the non-profit organisation which goes beyond the norms for the cause, we would like to go beyond and provide digital and marketing solutions that make a difference.



    Be it big or small enterprise, be it marketing campaign or be it business process models, be internal or external operations, be it mobile app or web development, we have been involved in various scenarios to provide the competitive advantage. Every problem and every dream is a new and interesting challenge for which we attempt to device a novel solution.



    The current mantra of healthcare sector is progressing by being digital. The industry is at the threshold of inventing newer brand promotion, physician engagement, patient engagement with a user-friendly experience. We have over the years gathered experience in this sector by working on first of its kind solution in the sector.



    The key to the future is provided by Start-ups who unlock it with their innovative solutions. Start-up's design solutions to problems which people didn’t know they had and creatively build solutions like never before. This challenge brings the best out in us and we love to undertake this endeavor to constantly re-invent our skills and update our knowledge in different disciplines.
    Thomas S Monson

    Digital marketing

    Digital marketing

    Gaining traffic or attention through media sites. We meticulously plan the social media campaign to promote the products/services across all platforms. An active WEBSITE or BLOG needs GROWTH.

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • SMS Marketing
    • Email Marketing

    Real Estate

    Real Estate

    coming soon

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